Terms and conditions

General information

Web shop products are sold by APR Competition Oy (VAT number FI22973727). We sell the products for private persons as well as companies in Finland and EU. The prices of the products include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and delivery charges.


We accept order through our webshop (www.aprcompetition.fi) or email info@aprcompetition.fi.
Call time
We have a designated call time for inquiries and advice on Tuesdays at 13-18, p. 050 345 9073. During other times we will answer calls when we can.
Payment methods
Before / after race event
Products ordered from our webshop or by email are delivered after the product has been paid.
At a race event
At a race event the payment can be made when picking up the products by cash or credit card. If the customer wishes to pay the products by invoice, an extra invoice fee will be added to the final amount. The invoice fee is 2,5% of the total amount.


Delivery time

We process orders twice a week and the general delivery time for products on stock is 1-5 weekdays.


Delivery method and costs

The products are delivered by Matkahuolto in Finland. The delivery costs below include delivery and packaging costs. All delivered orders are added the Matkahuolto advance payment cost. If the order is delivered as “fragile” extra costs are applied according to the current Matkahuolto costs. More information on delivery options, costs and delivery methods from www.matkahuolto.fi. All deliveries and costs outside Finland please contact info@aprcompetition.fi.

Matkahuolto delivery costs:

Matkahuolto package 2 kg     10€

Matkahuolto package 5 kg     13€

Matkahuolto package 15 kg   18€

Matkahuolto package 20 kg   21€

Matkahuolto package 25 kg   24€

Matkahuolto package 30 kg   27€

Matkahuolto package 40 kg   30€

Matkahuolto package 50 kg   33€

Matkahuolto package 60 kg   37€

Terms of product exchange and return

The customer has a 14 days return and exchange policy according to the Finnish consumer protection law. The return and exchange policy applies to only unused and undamaged products in their original packaging.

When returning products please attach the following information:



phone number

account number

Return address:

APR Competition Oy
Paukkulantie 20
65300 Vaasa

APR Competition has the right to refuse returns after 14 days of delivery.When the return has been approved the money will be returned straight to the customer’s account.

Problems in transportation and defective products

If the product is disappeared or damaged during delivery or the customer has been delivered the wrong product, the customer should inform about the mistake as soon as possible by email info@aprcompetition.fi or by post:

APR Competition Oy
Paukkulantie 20
65300 Vaasa

The complaint has to be placed in 14 days from the delivery. If the package is damaged during delivery a complaint has to be placed immediately to the freight carrier.


The general data protection

Register description and information document

Finnish law on personal data (523/99) 10 § and 24 §

The register description according to the Finnish law on personal data 10 §:n can be found on www.aprcompetition.fi.

1. Registrar

APR Competition Oy

VAT number 2297372-7

Contact information
Paukkulantie 20
65300 Vaasa
050 345 9073

2. Name of the register

APR Competition Oy
a) Customer register
b) Marketing and contact register
c) Web shop register

3. Purpose of the register

a) The purpose of the customer register is to manage customer relations, handle the rights and responsibilities of customers and APR Competition Oy and marketing acts. The customer register data is checked through on a regular basis and data removed when the customer relationship ends or on customer’s request.
b) The purpose of the marketing and contact register is to market APR Competition Oy’s services and products to potential customers and associates.
c) The purpose of the webshop register is to manage customer database and process and file orders.

4. Contents of the register

a) Contents of the customer register:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Data concerning customer relationship and orders
  • Data concerning invoicing and credit control

b) Contents of the marketing and contact register:

  • Name
  • Contact information

c) Contents of the webshop register:

  • Name or company details of the subscriber
  • Contact information
  • Information concerning the order

5. Information source

Personal data is being collected from the customer.

6. Continuous data submitments and data transfers outside EU or Europe 

APR Competition Oy handles all invoicing through Certum Oy and maintains its customer database on Certum Oy online software. Certum Oy does not hand out any personal data to third parties. Personal data is also handed out to debt collection agencies for debt collection or to authorities due to legislation.

No data is transferred outside EU or Europe.

7. Register safety

The register is maintained on Certum Oy online software and APR Competition Oy webshop.

Servers where the data is located in are maintained by external service providers. The service provider is responsible for the protection of the servers by passwords and firewalls. The servers are located in a locked and guarded location.

APR Competition Oy personnel who need the data in their duties have the right to use the register in their work tasks. The register users have passwords and are obligated by proffessional secrecy.

8. Right of inspection

A private person has the right to inspect which information about him/her has been saved in the personal data register according to the Finnish law on personal data 26 §. The request has to be sent in writing and signed and the identification must be proved. The information will be handed out in writing and posted to the customer’s address on the register.

The request is pointed to the administrator of the register (see contact information).

9. Correction of the data and execution 

The person on the register has the right to correct wrong information about themselves on the register. The request must be sent in written form and signed and the identification must be proved.

The request is pointed to the administrator of the register (see contact information).

10. Other rights

According to the Finnish law on personal data 30 § the person in the register has the right to prohibit the administrator of the register to use the information to marketing purposes.

The request is pointed to the administrator of the register (see contact information).


We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions. The customer has to read through the terms and conditions during every order.