Registration for Legend Cars World Finals 2017 has closed on 3rd of September but you can still registrate for the race using the registration form below.

Registration fee is 300,00€.

Registration and participation fee must be sent to the organizer on 3rd of September 2017 at 23.59pm at the latest.

Payment details:

  • Recipient: Team Botnia UA ry
  • Account number: FI23 4747 1020 1755 66
  • Amount: 300,00 euros

Use contestant name and number as a payment reference.

Registration fee includes 10 entry tickets to World Finals 2017 event (driver + 9). The tickets do not include access to the VIP area. More tickets can be bought in advance from Tiketti or in the event’s ticket sale.

  • Practice fee (Thu-Fri) 100€ / day
  • Electricity 10€ / day

Contestants must show a copy of a valid race car traffic insurance at the race office before participating in any part of the race – mandatory for foreign drivers also.

Competitors must have an INEX license in order to participate. INEX licenses can be purchased at the race office when arriving.


Race regulations

Attachment 1


INEX rulebook