Legend cars championships were raced today at Botniaring raceway Finland. Philip Miemois, Pekka Lehtola, Lauri Riekkola and Swedish Emil Persson were nominated as the best Legend car drivers in the world. 

The final of the Pro class with fastest drivers was the most dramatic final in a while. Jordan O’Brien’s car went in flames after the last corner and the man crossed the finishing line with the whole car covered in flames. O’Brien got some burns in his face but was luckily otherwise unharmed after the incident.

Swedish Emil Persson drove in to his third championship in a row in spite of heavy competition from the Finnish drivers.

– It is unbeleavable. The team did an awesome job on the car. It was a very tight final, toughest one yet. It is nice to beat the Finns on their home terf, was great to drive here today, said the happy champion.

Semi-Pro final was also full of events as the results changed even after the final was over. Antti Rantala from Seinäjoki crossed the finishing line first but got a five second penalty afterwards for forcing a fellow driver off the track.

After Rantala’s penalty the champion in Semi-Pro became Philip Miemois who is driving his first season with Legend cars.

– Feels great. It’s not so nice to win like this but still it’s a great feeling. I enjoyed the final a lot, tough racing with Vartiainen and Rantala. The weekend was really dramatic but it feels good to win at my home circuit and home country, said Miemois.

Masters class new champion was Pekka Lehtola. Golden Masters had a change of champion after the race as well and Lauri Riekkola became the champion when Markku Luhtala was disqualified.

Legend cars road course World Finals was driven outside the United States for the first time in history and according to uncertified information this was the first road course world championship race ever driven in Finland.




  1. Philip Miemois 15:15.763
  2. Joonas Vartiainen +0.409
  3. Antti Rantala +4.682


  1. Pekka Lehtola 15:19.486
  2. Miikka Riihimaa +0.269
  3. Kari Koivisto +3.178

Golden Masters

  1. Lauri Riekkola 15:31.686
  2. Richard Van Heerde +1.399
  3. Jukka Nisula +2.526


  1. Emil Persson 15:06.984
  2. Jesse Vartiainen +0.175
  3. Veli-Pekka Karttunen +0.937

Kuva: SpeedPix.ch

Kuva: SpeedPix.ch