Over 200 participants are expected at Legend cars World Finals 2017 from all over the world so this is for sure one of the biggest road course races in the history of Finland!


Location: Botniaring raceway, Kauhajoentie 688 66300 Kurikka (Jurva).

  • Vaasa airport (57 km)
  • Helsinki International airport (363 km)
  • Vaasa harbor (Umeå – Vaasa) 65 km
  • Turku harbor (Stockholm – Turku) 283 km
  • Helsinki harbor (Tallinn – Helsinki) 373 km
Nearest cities:
  • Kurikka (33 km)
  • Vaasa (64 km)
  • Seinäjoki (64 km)
Local services
  • Town of Jurva 6 km


Race registration



The race will follow INEX regulations.

Competitors must have an INEX license in order to participate. INEX licenses can be purchased at the race office when arriving.

All Legend cars need to have an insurance (around 35€ / car / weekend) for the race weekend due to Finnish legislation. The insurance can be purchased from the organizer prior to the event.


Team positions & car rental

If you are interested in team position for the race weekend or just renting a Legend car for the event, please contact Johan Ahokas: Team positions are limited.



We have reserved various accommodation options around Botniaring area for drivers and visitors. You can choose from e.g a peaceful farm accommodation near Botniaring track or experience city life in Vaasa or Seinäjoki. Check out our accommodation options here.


Plan your vacation

Bring your whole family with you to enjoy the World Finals atmosphere and enjoy all the fun activities we have to offer!

Kurikka tourist services


Travelling from US
Drivers from the USA that want to participate in World Finals 2017 should contact USLCI for shipping accommodations. 
VIP tickets for your sponsors
VIP tickets are selling fast! Ask your sponsor to come and enjoy themselves in World Finals VIP area.
VIP ticket is R18.
VIP ticket includes:
  • individual VIP pass and wristband
  • access to restricted VIP area
  • access to the entire event area
  • paddock access
  • VIP transportations between VIP area and paddock
  • high-end buffet serving in the VIP area once a day
  • versatile bar facilities
  • heated indoor facilities with views to the track
  • livestream from the race on indoor screen
  • exclusive driver interviews in the VIP facilities
  • indoor restrooms
  • heated terrace towards the track
  • VIP truck with a roof view to the track
  • VIP spectator areas