Valters Zviedris won the Latvian ProKart championship last season and is now aiming for Legend cars Semi-Pro World Championship. Zviedris has driven only four races with Legend cars.

Only 16 year old Zviedris is mentioned to be one of the fastest drivers in the Baltics. During his 10 years in karting he has won the Latvian championship three times and the Baltic championship.

The goal for this young man this season is the Legend Cars World Finals on September 16-17. Zviedris is aiming to be in top ten but most of all he is seeking for useful driving experience.

– I am really excited to take a part in such a huge event! I expect to gain experience for the next season, as the best pilots will compete in this event and I sure have a lot to learn from them.

Latvian is driving his first season with Legend cars but has already set Legends as his main focus which he will invest in. He is planning on driving the Finnish series next season alongside with Latvian series.

With only four Legend car races on him Zviedris will get to compare his driving skills with other international contestants in the World Finals on 16-17th of September at Botniaring, Finland.


Interview on Zviedris in Ahvenisto raceway at the North European, Latvian and Finnish season finale on 2nd of September:

Interview with Valters

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